Giveaway! Baby Mocs

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Thank you to everyone that has followed my blog and Facebook page. Unfortunately, I didn’t get 50 new follower this weekend, so I am extending  the GIVEAWAY to Thursday night at 11:59. I made it easier to follow me, just go to my blog and click follow.
1) click the follow button, enter your email and info

The winner will get to choose from the one of the three pair of awesome Mocs ( size 0-6 months , 4.5″ long) . These mocs are VERY popular. Most places they retail for at least $45-65. Yours could be FREE, just go follow my blog!!!

Be sure to follow for more giveaways.

SUBSCRIBE!! There will be a lot more giveaways.

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UPDATE: UNFORTUNATELY !! I didn’t get 50 new followers by the deadline. So I will try again next time.

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