This week we are out and about checking out the town. Today’s adventures was taking Miss E to the movie theater for the first time.  Every Tuesday, Alamo Draft House has Baby Day for any movie before 2:00pm. They make the theater  baby friendly with softer lighting and lower volume.

Miss E actually enjoyed the movie to my surprise.  She usually isn’t a fan of the dark ,but this didn’t bother her at all. My girl actually watched Fantastic Four with us.

This is a very cool day date for parents that don’t have anyone to watch their little ones for them. If your not sure how your baby will act, just take advantage of this opportunity because everyone at the movies is aware of the Baby day policy. This makes it really easy on parents. Still unsure? Who cares if your little one starts screaming because no one cares…at least in that environment! Plus, this a good test run to see how things will be if you decide to take your baby to a regular movie showing.

Make sure you bring toys to keep your little one entertained, a cozy cover just in case they want to take a nap , and bring some snacks for them. Make it fun for everyone.

Another plus is Alamo Drafthouse has great food, and “drinks” if that’s your thing ! Hahaha

Go have fun on a Tuesday!

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