Pregnancy Weight Gain

Week 5

Before I got pregnant, I planned to work out for the duration of my pregnancy. I just knew that I would be the fit-pregnant chick. I wanted to workout every day and eat as clean as I could.

However, when I found out I was pregnant, the craves came like a freight train. I wanted ice cream, popcorn, and apple juice. This was all stuff that I didn’t eat on a regular basis. When I came home from work I just wanted to grab a sugar-free popsicle, popcorn, a glass of apple juice and just take a nap. I would eat a very clean breakfast, lunch and dinner but my after work snack was dirty!  Oh yeah, I would eat white powdered donuts too, who even eats those anymore?


(  I was approx 4 months  in this picture. This was my donut phase. I felt HUGE. Clearly I wasn’t now that I like back. )

No, but seriously I tried to eat as healthy as I possibly could. I didn’t want my baby to be created on donuts and apple juice. Although, in the first trimester I didn’t want to eat any veggie or any meats,it was like fruits only. Seriously, the first ten pounds came like a bolt of lighting. Although, whenever my body senses a change in hormones the weight just comes on so quickly.

So in my third trimester I found out I had gestational diabetes! I wanted to cry when I found out because I thought I was eating very well.  Of course, I went to Dr. Goggle to see what this meant. By the way, DONT DO IT, you will worry yourself to 5 cups of coffee. So I could not worry about it, I knew that God was going to protect me and my baby girl. Having gestational diabetes meant that I had to have a VERY strict diet. They told me how much I could eat and when I could eat it. I also checked my blood sugar two hours after every meal.  That sucked balls. hahaha.

Having diabetes happen for a reason, that really strict diet keep me from having swelling all over during my pregnant, and from gaining an obsessive amount of weight. Although by the end of my pregnancy I gained 37+  pounds. However, I gained approx 7 -10 additional  pounds of fluid being hooked up to fluids in the hospital. NO FAIR! I knew I was going to have to work that much harder to get the weight off.

Once I left the hospital, the weight just started melting off. I lost about 22 pounds in two weeks. At one point I was 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, that was when I was nursing and pumping. Then when I start exclusively pumping the weight loss slowed down and  I started gaining weight.

Now I’m at the point where I’m on the 80/20 plan, that’s eating cleaning clean 80% of the time. I am working out 5 times a week. I started off with Beach Body programs, I used Insanity Max 30 in the beginning. Now,  I have returned to my favorite fitness trainer program Ashley Horner, which means Im going hard in the gym 5 times a week.  With this program  I’m running and / or rowing 2 miles along with lifting weights.  My body responds very well to weight lifting.


This was me pre-pregnancy using Ashley’s program. I was able to achieve these results in 7- 10 weeks! I am going back to what works.

( I had the awesome opportunity to work with her. She is an awesome person!)


As for my nutrition, I am meal planning and counting my macros as much as a can without becoming obsessed.  I can begin to obsess about my weight and food very quickly, which can be unhealthy. I know that once I stopped thinking so negatively about my food, my journey became a lot easier. I know that there isn’t any bad food; you just need to eat in moderation. So I enjoy eating food in moderation and making sure they fit in my macros. I have already lost three pounds in two weeks. That  may not be a lot for many people, but for me that’s a win! The baby weight has been like a glue I can’t shake off.


Just remember, to never compare yourself to celebrities, and other people especially on social media because most results are unrealistic. I followed so many fitness trainers and wanted my body to bounce back IMMEDIATELY, but I had a c- section with tons of swelling. That wasn’t going to happen. I will continue to fight to be the best mom and wife I can be while creating a healthy lifestyle for my family.

Be encouraged, love your bodies. I know it may be difficult when your postpartum body is so new to you, but we can do it.  I am fighting with you every day. I will share my postpartum pictures soon as I finish this fitness program.

( I will talk about counting macros and my nutrition in another post)

Peace and Love!

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