Birth Control: Is it worth the weight gain?


So after having Miss E I would like to wait a couple of years before having another child. I am considering getting on birth control, but I don’t want to gain weight. Does that sound vain?  I am still in the process of toning up and getting into shape after having Miss E and I don’t want anything to hinder my progress. It is hard enough losing weight as it is.

I haven’t used any type of birth control since high school. I have only tried that patch and Yasmine. Yasmine caused lumps on my breast that were just so uncomfortable, I couldn’t even wear an underwire bra. I just gave up on birth control. Between the weight gain from the patch and lumps on my breast from the pills; it just seemed like birth control was not for me.

So, now I am at the point in my life where I just want to enjoy my baby and my husband.

I know that some people would say eat right and workout. Well duh, if only it were that easy. For some of us introducing hormones to the body will cause an imbalance thus causing weight gain. At this moment, I am scheduled to get Mirena, in the next week or so. But the truth is I’m low key scared of the side effects of Mirena. My gosh on Goggle everything just sounds so horrible from weight gain to hair loss and even infertility. Not to mention, there were some lawsuits against Mirena; however, I did see some positive reviews. Those with positive reviews mentioned how much they love it and would get it reinserted after the 5-year mark. Oh did I mention Mirena last for up to 5 years. That is one thing I liked about it.

Bayers the makers of Mirena stated that it would reduce the bleeding in your period by 90% within 6 months. So many women who have painful and heavy periods are likely to try this for that benefit. If you know me then you know that my periods are a “man down situation”.  My cycles are terribly painful to the point that I am balled up on the floor from cramps.

My doctor also gave me two samples of Lo Loestrin Fe, but I did some research on this birth control pill. The side effect list was longer than Mirena’s; therefore, I am not taking it.

I know some of you maybe saying ” what’s meant to be will be,” and that I may be blocking God’s will.  I know that God is almighty and can make anything happen, so if he wants me to get pregnant I will get pregnant with or without birth control. Also, if I heard from God that it’s time for me to have another baby I will get off of birth control and start ” trying ” lol.

So, ladies, I need some help! Do you think that birth control is worth the weight gain? Also,  please share your birth control experience in the comment section whether you  Loved it or Hated it.

2 thoughts on “Birth Control: Is it worth the weight gain?

  1. sheronda( says:

    I totally know where you are coming from.After I had my baby I started the depo. O
    I gained 30lbs. I felt horrible and I didn’t realize I gained until after. I would constantly eat for no reason. I was on it for like 9 mon and stop it. Now I’m on the pull and it’s way better.


  2. Kassie says:

    I have the paraguard it last for 10 years I have been having it now for five. I got it maybe 35 days after having Aaron. I recommend this for of birth control to everyone. I have not had any complications I still have a period but it’s not as bad. I wouldn’t recommend the mirena because it has estrogen in it which will affect your hormones. I have known people who have had it and it has messed with their mood swings and their attitude but once they got off of it they went back to normal.


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