Protective Styles for New Naturals / Short Natural Hair


Hey Peeps, I know a lot of you ladies are newly natural and/or transitioning. I wanted to share some of my protective styles I used when I was newly natural. In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I used  protective styles to help my hair grow and to protective the ends of my hair. I also was not very comfortable having such short hair, but if I kept it braided up I felt a lot more comfortable with the length in these styles.


This was my very first set of twist on my hair. This was just simple two strand twist. You can leave this in for a couple days to achieve a very defined twist out.


This was my very first twist out. I was very uncomfortable with this style at that time because it was so short.



These  were  mini twist. This was one of my go-to styles, although it took longer to install than chunkier twist.  I also loved the way it looked as it got older.


As you can see, my hair started growing from constantly being protected. This style is one that I loved. It was two strand twisted in the back, cornrows in the front with two strand twisted ends.


Don’t judge me, I was new to make-up. LOL Anywho, the previous style would transition into this style. I would just unravel the twist in the back and the twisted ends of the cornrows in the front, then pull it up in a ponytail. Super cute!


Here is the same style when my hair was shorter. Clearly, I really like that style.


This style was very jazzy. I corn rowed my hair to one side, and two strand twisted the back.


And of course, you can always wear braids.

IMG00180-20091008-1042IMG01132-20101120-1645Beanies are another option.


IMG01157-20101208-2116 IMG01140-20101126-0917 IMG01097-20101029-1427 IMG00959-20100719-1406 IMG00963-20100722-1138 IMG00926-20100708-1426 IMG00925-20100708-1425

When I was newly natural, I would wash, condition my hair every two weeks. Then  I install my protective style that would last for two weeks.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Peace and Love

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