How I Straighten My Natural Hair


When trying to straighten your natural hair make sure you:

  • Get your hair clean as possible: meaning cleansing your hair with a shampoo, not co-washing.
  • Rinse out the conditioner very well to make sure there isn’t any residue left to cause burning during the flat ironing process.
  • Make sure to detangle your hair thoroughly. Detangle your hair starting at the tips working your way up to the roots, removing all tangles and knots along the way. If you come across a knot, be sure not to rip your hair with you styling tool. You may need to finger detangle to free the knot.
  • Make sure you completely dry your hair before flat ironing, this will help avoid burning your hair. Having excess water  on the hair strands will cause the hot flat iron to burn the hair.
  • Use small sections to avoid have to do multiple heat passes. Only do a maximum of 3 heat passes to avoid heat damage.
  • Use a heat protector, this will lessen your chance of getting heat damage.


How I maintain my hair:

  • Don’t use a water-based product. Water based product will cause the hair to revert back to its naturally curly state.
  • Protect your at night with a satin bonnet.
  • I rolled my hair with Flexi rods or french braid to stretch my roots
  • I use a small amount of coconut oil to moisturize my hair when it feels dry. You don’t want to over saturate your hair with product, that will cause your hair to be weighed down.
  • Avoid reapplying heat to the hair after initial flat iron.


Stay tuned for how I flat iron my hair and keep it straight for at least two weeks while working out 5 days a week.

Peace and love.

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