5 Must Have Hair Goodies


  • Satin Bonnet or Scarf: Satin protects your hair from breakage as you sleep. I even tie my hair up with a silk or satin scarf when I’m hanging out in the house. I find that using  satin helps keep my hair’s shine and keeps it from being dry. I have a cute scarf that I use when I am hanging around the house, just for my husband. HaHaHa
  • Coconut Oil: You will realize that coconut oil is like a miracle product. You can use it for a pre-poo, detangler, conditioner, and moisturizer. This can be used for so much more.
  • Deman Brush: I only use a Denman brush on me and Eden’s hair, I don’t use combs. I love these brushes. I find that the flexible teeth in the brush prevent breakage with proper use.
  • Ouchless Hair Ties: Ouchness ties are almost self-explanatory.Using an Ouchless hair ties (the hair ties without the mental connection on it) will keep your hair from being tangled around the hair  ties. I buy elastic ribbon from Hobby Lobby and make my own.
  • Clean T-shirt: You will use a clean t-shirt instead of a towel after you wash your hair. Using a t-shirt reduces frizz and tangles caused by the towel. I simply use the towel like a turban, and allow is to suck up most of the water before styling my hair. I find that my hair is a lot more manageable drying it this way.

How hot is Serena tho!!!


Peace and Love

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