Feeding the Homeless: In the Heart Ministry


Today I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart, which is helping the homeless. So many people are quick to judge a homeless people or a person in need without even  knowing their situation. That hurts my heart to know that there is someone in need and someone would just pass them up without even considering to helping them.

So many people are so worried about what a homeless person would do with the money that they give them without realizing the money that you have doesn’t belong to you, it is given to you by GOD.  You were blessed with enough to be a blessing to someone else. People think that giving money to a homeless person will hinder them; but if God tells you to give money to that person, what will you do? Not give it? Then do you choose to disobey God? Why, because of  greed?

But I am not here to condemn people for not helping the homeless, I would just encourage you to help them, listen to them, and even try to minister to them. If you give them  a chance, a lot of them are very intelligent people that just fell on hard times, and didn’t have the resources to get back on their feet. We are just fortunate that when we fell we were able to bounce back.But the truth is everyone has a story, and you can learn something from everyone. I love hearing their testimonies.


My husband and I have  a homeless ministry that we do on the last Saturday of every month. We set up our table outside a well know homeless shelter here in San Antonio. We feed, talk to, and pray for many of these people. We are there to build relationships with them. We aren’t there to shove Jesus down their throats, but we do pray for those that would like prayer. Many of them are Christian that have lost their way and are facing hard times.  My heart goes out to those people because that could have easily been me if I didn’t have the family that I have.

There was a time in my life where I didn’t have a place to call home. I was put out of my home after I  graduated high school. I was living in Texas with no family other than my mother, and no one to let me in but my friend Kassie. She opened her apartment to me, without her I would have been living in my car with all of my possessions. I cried myself to sleep that night in disbelief that my mother out kick me out over money! I was going to work with all my possession in my car, eating dinner in my car, and crying in  my car.

So listen, that person on the corner asking for money could be you. Imagine that every time you pass someone on the corner asking for money. Imagine that you lost your job, and you have no idea where your next meal would come from and that was your only option.  All you know to do is to put all your pride to the side and stand on the corner for all to see, and ask for money to feed your family. Imagine, that could be your mom, dad, or your child. Wouldn’t you want someone to help them? Well, start by helping someone else’s family member in need.

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