Work Out in Session: Charlie Mike


Let’s talk fitness, since I haven’t touched this subject in a while. So, once upon a time, there was a beastmom named Ashley Horner. She created a free workout for Body called Charlie Mike. IT is the BOMB!!! It’s going to challenge you, it’s explosive, and going to make you the “ISH!!”

You have no idea how excited I was when this program launched. I watched this Charlie Mike video several time.  I have several Ashley Horner programs, but I was excited about this because it was circuit training. My body was needing something different.  And I am loving it, is has only been two weeks, and I can definitely see results especially in my arms.

Also, if you are a mom or a busy woman this would be perfect for you. This can be finished in approx. 35-50 minutes. This is perfect for me, I only have an hour and 30 minutes in the gym.

Check it out, why not…it’s FREE!!


Once, I complete this program I will come back to share my experience.


Peace and Love


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