Daniel Fast Changed My Life


I am on my postpartum fitness journey, I am trying to change some things. Especially my relationship with food, I have had a love-hate relationship with food most of my life. I love the way its taste, but I hate the way it made me feel.

When I say I hate the way it made me feel, I am talking about the condemnation I put myself under for eating foods that weren’t “healthy”.

Society tells us that certain foods aren’t  healthy for us  and that maybe true. However, I know that it is all about moderation. I knew that had an unhealthy LUST for sweets. I always craved sweets, but not cakes, pies, or cookies; my weakness was candy. I loved candy, but I knew that I shouldn’t be eating it because  I couldn’t stop at just one piece I had to have them all. Then I would condemn myself for eating it, especially because Diabetes runs in my family . Diabetes is wiping out my family. I have to develop a healthy relationship with food for the sake of my child. I don’t want my children to develop the same way of thinking that I have. My way of thinking stems from my mother’s way of thinking, but I’m here to break the chains and set myself free breaking all generational ways of thinking.

So it was January 4th, I decided to  start my Daniel Fast early as a pregame warmup. Below are the guidelines that I followed. The first two days were rough physically because my body was detoxing, but spiritually I was strong and I knew that I could do this. By day three, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy I had. I was working out 4-5 times a week,  not only that but felt stronger, lighter and had a ton of energy. I was really loving the way I was feeling. I was creating awesome new recipes, from Pinterest of course which had me excited about cooking again. I was excited!!


I knew that I was giving my body as much nutrients that I could, and my body was responding very well. Not to mention that I feel more confident about myself, I will talk more about that in  another post.

During the fast, I was committed to following the guidelines but also making sure to not condemn myself if I had a moment of weakness. The purpose of this fast was not to lose weight but to deny yourself something in the physical and allow God to spiritually strengthen you. I did it. I finished the fast feeling better than ever.

Now, the fast is over, and I have adopted a healthier lifestyle. My diet is 98% plant-based, which means no meat, milk, eggs, cheese, ice cream, and anything that comes from an animal. Although, I have had salmon twice in the last two months. I am not saying that animal products are bad for you, but my body just respond better to foods that are closest to its natural state. I can say that I don’t crave sweets like I did before the fast, and if I do I just grab a fruit.

I will be sharing some of the meals I made while on my fast.

Peace and Love,





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