Benefits to Going Plant-Based

Plant- Based

Let’s talk nutrition. I started my journey to Vegan/ Plant-Based in January. This began when I started the Daniel Fast at the beginning of the year. It was 40 days of eating  only fruits, veggies and grains. I loved the way I felt on this fast. I had so much energy, and I felt lighter on my feet. This was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time, especially being a new mom. My energy was always so low regardless of what I did to try to increase it, but this fast was amazing.  After the Daniel fast was over, I decided to continue it as a lifestyle; however, I did have salmon a couple times. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give up meat completely. I also didn’t want people to judge me or make stupid comments about the way I ate. Now, I don’t care.

Now, it’s May and I am going strong. I’m getting creative with our dinner choices. Being creative with your dinner choices is the key to sticking to a new lifestyle, this will also help you find your go-to dishes, and products. I was excited to cook again. My husband was loving everything I made, especially since cooking dinner was quicker.

Here are some benefits I have experienced since starting this journey :

  • More energy: This is the best benefit to me. Being a mother of a one-year-old, I need all the energy I can get. I have tons of energy in the morning, even though my little still doesn’t sleep during the night. I also used to take a pre-workout drink before my workouts, but I no longer need them. YAY! I knew those things were full of crap, but I needed the energy.
  • Clearer skin: My skin cleared up within the first week or so. I never really had bad acne, but I suffered from  horrible acne during and after my pregnancy. It didn’t matter what I did to clear it up, nothing worked.  It was all the hormone fluctuations after pregnancy  but now that I have eliminated all of the aminals hormones from my diet it has cleared up. I also started using Philosophy Purity face cleanser.
    • Eczema:  I was born with eczema,but I no longer struggle with this problem. When I was in college I stopped drinking milk and it started clearing it: but I still would get flare-ups here and there. Now I have no skin issues. So if  you suffer from eczema or dry skin, try going Vegan for a month.
  • Lighter period:  If there was any benefit of going plant-based, this would be it. My period cramps used to be HORRIBLE. I could barely walk, I would get extremely nauseous, and I would almost overdose on Aleve every month. Now that I have changed my diet, the cramps are minimal. I don’t need to take medication for the pain. My menstrual bleeding is a lot lighter than before. I will take all of these benefits!
  • Faster Recovering after working out:I used to get really sore after working out and lifting heavy.
  • Weight loss : This one is kind of a given. Within the first two months of changing my diet, I lost 8lbs. I wasn’t sure if I was going to see any weight-loss because was lifting heavy in the gym, but I did. The weight loss was added motivation to continue this lifestyle.
    • I will say this, I did a little experiment. I went a week without working out and eating cleaning and I lost weight faster. I lost almost three pounds in a week.


These are just a few of the benefits that I have seen by changing my diet to a plant-based diet. Most importantly, I want you to know that this is what works for me. I will also be sharing some of the Vegan dinners that I created.

Peace and Love




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