Daniel Fast Week One: What Are We Eating? How to Hear from God

living-in-the-saharaHello Peeps,

Week One of the Daniel Fast is done! I feel good.

Spiritually, I feel connected to the source, God. I used this week to really connect with him, just sitting in his presence and listening.  We can get so busy with our daily lives, sometimes it’s good to sit and listen to God.

Week One’s Focus:

This week I focused on seeing myself as God sees me. Seeing myself as a beautiful daughter, beautiful wife, and a beautiful mother. I use the word beautiful because that is something that I have trouble with. I have a hard time referring to myself as beautiful. Maybe because I’m not really sure what beautiful means. To me, it was always referred as a physical term used to judge someone’s outer appearance.

I know that we are more than physical beings, but in my day to day life I feel like I’m being judged on my outer “beauty”  more that my inner “beauty”.  As a child, I was always made aware of my physical flaws. So now as an adult, I am fighting daily to undo all the subconscious damage.

This week I told myself that I was beautiful and by the end of the week I started seeing the beauty in myself. I started to actually love what I saw in the mirror.  I never thought that I was “ugly”, but there is a huge difference when you see yourself as beautiful.

NO MAKE-UP Challenge.

I didn’t wear make-up at all this week, just so that I could try to see my natural beauty. By the end of the week, I felt so comfortable just being me. Other people commented that I looked better and that I had a glow. It was my light, it was starting to shine. As I continue the fast, I know that my light will only get brighter.

My Diet:

This week went really great. I stuck with the Daniel Fast guidelines. I had so much energy during the day. I was crushing my workouts. Also, I feel leaner like someone is slowing deflating me.

  • Breakfast: I had green protein smoothie with kale/ spinach, banana, and mango
  • Lunch :
    • Salad with fruits and veggie
    • Ancient Grain Rice with veggie and Field Roast Vegan Sausage
  • Dinner: Juice and Protein
    • Juice options this week:
      • Juice: Green Juice ( celery, kale, green apple, cucumber, lemon)
      • Juice: Carrots, orange/ grapefruit
      • Juice: Beets, carrots, apples

Comment below and let me know what’s our favorite smoothie.


We are documenting our Daniel Fast 2017! Check it out?

Peace and Love ❤

One thought on “Daniel Fast Week One: What Are We Eating? How to Hear from God

  1. Enjoying the Journey with Harper says:

    Hey!!! 😊😊 Congrats on your fast!!! My husband, 2 teenagers and I have switched over from a pretty healthy eating diet to a whole foods/plant based diet. It was a bit challenging at first, but we are all seeing so many benefits. It awesome when the whole family can get involved!! Continued blessings to you and your family!!! 😊😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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